5 ideas for your Panormic wallpaper

Panormic wallpaper

Panormic add a personal touch to a room, wallpaper is almost essential. It allows you to quickly change the atmosphere of the interior of a house. It is a coating that can be used as an alternative to paint. It can embellish the sections of the walls of a house or a room. For an interior fitted with wallpaper, here are five ideas that are sure to change your decor.

Opt for a panoramic wallpaper

For a new decoration project or for an original and personalized makeover of your interior, panoramic paper is a good option, offering multiple advantages. It is a coating that adapts to all types of interiors. For this, the choice of model must take into account the style you want to obtain.

Panoramic wallpaper offers a larger visual to a room. It is a wall tapestry that allows you to highlight a space considered rather cramped in your home or even too long. It is the decorative element to use if, for example, you want to bring a tropical or even Scandinavian style to a room.

Panoramic wallpaper offers a wide choice depending on the desired decor theme. To beautify all the rooms in your home, a large model is the most suitable. The panoramic mosaic wallpaper with several patterns or even geometric shapes, is one example among many others that will sublimate your interior

In addition, you can opt for a new collection of panoramic wallpapers , to bring a soft and warm atmosphere to one of the rooms in your home. For example, imitation wood, total look and many other styles are available to create the desired decoration. In addition, to harmonize the interior design of your home, you must also choose matching furniture.

Choose a panoramic wallpaper with original patterns

Nowadays, to decorate a large wall , the trend has shifted towards large format wallpapers . You can choose XXL floral patterns to embellish the wall sections of your bedroom, for example. If you want to opt for a discreet style, choose the Liberty print for example. This pattern adds a rustic touch to your interior. You also have the possibility of bringing a raw material effect to your interior design.

To do this, simply dress your walls with wallpapers with marble, wood or stone effects. Moreover, if you want to play with sizes and depths, the choice of geometric patterns is ideal. In this case, you can opt for graphic wallpapers to give your room a larger air.

If you want to go back in time, you can opt for the retro 70s style wallpapers that are coming back into fashion. They offer a vintage effect to the interior design of your home. Moreover, if you want to choose a plant or even animal motif, you can bet on the tropical print.

However, if you want to surf on the new wallpaper models, you can opt for the Art Deco style and also the emerald green. With these patterns, you create a fairly chic atmosphere that will fit into all the rooms of your interior.

Find an unusual wallpaper material

To mark the difference, you have the possibility of choosing an unusual wallpaper material to embellish your room. You can bet on natural materials such as cork, mica, grasses or even bamboo. These materials will help you create dynamic and attractive structures.

You can also opt for metallic patterns that offer gold, silver, chrome or copper materials, among others. These materials will be used to highlight the charm of metals in your decor and create many special effects. You can also choose the ecological model composed of non-polluting materials that save resources.

Likewise, flocked wallpaper that evokes velvet and plush can be an ideal choice to give a touch of elegance to rooms in your home. Finally, you can opt for models in shiny glass beads. These materials create an untimely play of light. This type of wallpaper features multiple crystals for a timeless effect and a chic decor.

To personalize the interior decoration of the rooms in your home, you can bet on trompe-l’oeil wallpapers . Some patterns imitate brick and give you the impression of living in a contemporary decor. The choice of colors, in this case, is up to you according to your tastes and preferences.

Like bricks, you can also choose stone patterns that will sublimate the sections of walls in your rooms. You also have the possibility of inviting vegetation into your interior decoration. You can then use patterns that evoke the jungle with lush flora, and a backdrop of colorful birds.

As trompe-l’oeil patterns have been popular for many years, you can also bet on wallpapers with a backdrop of plants and flowers.

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