Evan Bass Men’s Clinic Answer Frequently Asked Questions on Testosterone Replacement Therapy

Evan Bass Men’s Clinic

What Is Testosterone?

Testosterone can be compared to ‘fuel’ that characterizes an individual’s ‘masculinity’. It’s the most vital male sex hormone that supports muscle mass, bone density, maintain weight, mood, and energy level while playing a crucial role in sexual performance.

Produced in the testicles, its production level can drop due to aging, medical conditions, unhealthy lifestyles, and other reasons. According to medical facilities like Evan Bass Men’s Clinic, on average a normal balance of testosterone falls between 300 to 1000 nanograms ng/dl. Therefore a person is diagnosed to have a low testosterone level if the testosterone level is found less than 300 ng/dL.

How To Know A Person Has A Low Testosterone Level?

Having a blood test in a lab is the most scientific way to analyze low-T. If a person experiences symptoms like

  • Difficulty concentration
  • Low energy levels
  • Continuous depression or stress
  • Irritability, difficulty sleeping
  • Lower sexual stamina (low libido)
  • Erectile dysfunction (ED)
  • Wight gain

He might be a victim of ‘low T’. To make sure and get treated, the individual should visit medical settings like Evan Bass Men’s Clinic for necessary examination, diagnosis, and treatment.

How to Treat Low Testosterone

With advanced medical science, the treatment of low-T can be effectively done by physicians. Before the procedure, typically a blood test is prescribed to evaluate the current level of testosterone. The doctors consider factors including medical background, lifestyle, age, etc. and accordingly recommend the patient the most suitable option to treat low-T.

In general, there are four methods to accomplish TRT. The methods include

Topical/transdermal: Needs topical application of cream, gel, and patches.

Injection: A testosterone injection is administered at certain intervals as decided by the doctors.

Oral: a tablet containing testosterone needs to be kept in the mouth to consume it as it starts diluting.

Pellets: pellets are tiny in size and are inserted by the provider under the skin of the buttock or hip where they get dissolved over 3-6 months.

How A Person With Low-T Can Benefit From TRT

The foremost benefit of TRT is that it helps in rebalancing one’s testosterone levels, and thereby lets the individual get rid of the symptoms of testosterone shortage and enjoy the essence of life.

Its benefits include:

  • A notable increase in the level of energy
  • Steady increase of sex libido and stamina
  • Greater sexual performance
  • Gradual fat loss
  • Robust muscle mass
  • Restoration of bone density
  • Improved mood, concentration, and focus

Does TRT Work?

Noteworthy that the success rate of TRT is fairly impressive. According to the experts of Evan Bass Men’s Clinic. Those who consider TRT must go for reputable medical clinics that specialize in hormone optimization, testosterone replacement therapies, etc, especially for men. It is worth noting that changing the lifestyle, a healthy diet plan, and maintaining an active life are also important to make TRT effectively work.

What Is the Cost of TRT?

Since TRT is customized as per the necessity of an individual, its total cost tends to vary. During the consultancy period, one can get an idea about his TRT expenses.

How A Patient Is Monitored During TRT

Typically, the patient should visit the facility from where he has undergone TRT enabling the doctors to evaluate the testosterone levels and some other factors through a few blood tests. Once the patient reaches the normal level the dosage is terminated.

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